Why Busy Moms Need Evernote

Are you a busy mom who finds that, no matter what, you’re struggling to keep track of it all?

School.  Sports.  Lessons.  Household stuff.  Grocery lists.  Birthdays.

Is it just me, or does that list make you a bit anxious, too?

The only way we can stay sane is if we are deliberate about how we use our time.  That’s why Time is one of your happy healthy habits- because when we’re deliberate about our time, we get more done, feel better about our days, and (most importantly), we have more room in our days to devote our energy to what matters most to us.

And a big part of how we can better manage our time is to have really great systems for keeping track of all the little details.

For me, that detail-catcher has become Evernote.  Evernote is a nifty *free* app that you can download onto your computer, as well as all your devices.  You create an account, and then everything syncs from one to the other, so any updates you make on your phone, you can find as soon as you get home and pull up your computer.

You create Notebooks, and then within the Notebooks, you create Notes.  For example, you might have a notebook called Gifts, and then within that notebook, you can create notes for each family member and keep track of their wish lists, or what you’re giving each for the holidays.

You might have a Notebook called Household, and then each new note is a new task that you need to remember that needs to be done.

I created a short video if you’re a visual learner, check it out.  I’d also love to hear from you- what are your favorite free digital tools to keep track of your life, so that you can make more time for the things you truly love?


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