Three Common Rookie Fitness Mistakes

And easy ways to avoid them

common rookie fitness mistakes

When we’re talking about rookie fitness mistakes, I just want to say this right out of the gate:  if you’ve committed these mistakes, you are in good company!  We want to get moving, we want to get results, and these are only good things!  So, as with everything Mom’s Running Club:  no judgment.  If you see yourself in this video, laugh it off, learn, dust yourself off, and move on!

As busy moms, it can be challenging to add fitness into our lives.  We want to make our health a priority, but our own workouts get pushed aside so easily by carpools, errands, work, grocery, paying bills, cleaning up dog vomit… you get the picture.  The list is endless.

Since I love to chat with my mom friends about how they can get fit, I love making little videos.  Remember:  there’s just the one graphic, so feel free to push play and listen only!  It’s created so you can multitask!

And then comment below, or share on Facebook and tag me (Cori Handel Johnson or Mom’s Running Club) and let’s chat!  Or, let me help you with #2!

Here’s to getting out there, getting active, taking it at exactly the right pace for your busy life, and feeling amazing!



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