Real-Life Goal Setting for Busy Moms

Hey there busy mama!  It’s the first of the year, and everyone is setting goals, right?  Here at Mom’s Running Club, we like to talk about what we call real-life goal setting.

What does that even mean?

Here’s the deal.

As the first of the year rolls around, we want to overhaul everything! 

  • Nutrition.
  • Fitness.
  • Spiritual life.
  • Connections.
  • How clean our house is.
  • How well we feed our kids.
  • You name it.

And we form all kinds of goals.  Which is great!

And we start out.  And we get moving. And we do great for a day, or a week, or a month, or even two months.

And then life takes over.  And we miss a workout.  And then we miss two. And then we’re totally off-the-rails.

Sound familiar?  Because if it does, it doesn’t mean you’re bad.  It means you’re human!

So what’s the solution?

  1. Accept that you’re human.  You are the average, wonderful, busy mom who has 97 different obligations she could be fulfilling at any given moment.
  2. And now that you’ve accepted that, realize that you not only still can achieve great things, but you should!
  3. Because the universe, and your family, deserve you at your very best.
  4. And when you set realistic and attainable but challenging goals, and hit them, you will feel your confidence, your strength, your joy, and ultimately your happiness skyrocket!  

And when that happens?  You are a better mom, partner, coworker, friend, and human.

Now, how do you make that happen?  You make sure that your goal setting makes sense for your busy, wonderful, crazy lifestyle.

Yes, you can find 1000+ books on Amazon about goal setting.  And a lot of them are fabulous.

But we’re gonna talk about how moms can set and achieve goals.

Because we are a special breed.

You want to form goals that are realistic and attainable, meaning that you can truly fit it in, no excuses, there is room for it in your life, even if it is hard.

AND challenging: meaning that these goals are attainable… with work.  Because the work is what makes you feel awesome!  It’s where you get stronger physically, but also mentally and emotionally.

Anyone can do easy.  You want to choose hard, because when you choose hard and nail it, you grow!

You just want to choose the right kind of hard!

Check out the video below for how you can set goals you can absolutely, 100% attain and feel amazing about this year!

And then click here to get your PDF


And don’t forget to reach out!  Email me here with questions, or find me on social!  I absolutely love to connect with moms, and I want to see you feel amazing!



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