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Why Running is Better with Friends

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What does it look like to get to watch a mom’s first 5K? This weekend was a race called the LIDS Mad Hatter 5K.  For some of the moms in Mom’s Running Club, it was their first 5K, either ever, or in a very long time.  I had been thinking on how to share a bit about this awesome experience, when one of the moms posted in our private Facebook group…. and I knew I had to share!

I’ll take just a moment to lay the groundwork.

First:  While Mom’s Running Club has been in existence since the beginning of 2017, and we have a few races under our belts as a group, this particular mom joined in April.  So, she’s been training for just two and a half months.

Second: It was incredibly hot this past Saturday.  It was the kind of hot that, when your car sits in the closed garage overnight, the thermometer on your dash says it’s 110 degrees in your garage. In actuality the highs were in the 90’s, and the race was run at 8:00 AM, but let’s just say:  it was hot.

And third:  Laurie proves how incredibly important it is to have a sense of humor about running.  (More on that after I share her thoughts.)

So, without further ado, and needing no addition introduction, Laurie’s post:

Race Reflections:

I was not nervous

It was hard but didn’t feel as hard as when I “trained”.

I went further than I have in the last 30 years – about 2 1/2 miles

It helps to have a pack of people you’re trying to keep up with

It’s ok when they all pass you up though

OH MY GOD, I’M DYING! is probably not a good mantra to say over and over. I’ll try to find a new one.

Turtles rock! Slow and steady

Shady race courses rock!

They should put the garbage can for the water cups on the right side, not the left….a man designed that

Running is not fun for me…sorry to those of you who think it is

There’s a lot of heroes in this world but on Saturday, they were running next to me.

And last, but most definitely not least:

If you are new to running and a 5K is a big deal for you, you can totally relax the rest of the day and be taken out for dinner because your family thinks you’re exhausted and you deserve a break. For most runners a 5K is a short training run but the families of newbies don’t know that yet so take advantage of that naivete.

Isn’t that awesome??!  Clearly Laurie is an awesome spirit, and her contribution to Mom’s Running Club can’t be beat.  Oh, and for the record:  she was FAR from turtle!  She really did pretty much rock that race!

My Reflections on Laurie’s Reflections

Running and racing should be taken seriously, but not too seriously.

You’re never going to get to the start line, let alone the finish line, if you don’t take it seriously enough to train.  Will you hit every run?  Nope.  Will some weeks be total disasters?  Yep.  But what matters is simply sticking to it.  And when things don’t go exactly as planned:  humor goes a long, long way.

For moms, the value of a group to share the experience is simply priceless.

Moms understand moms.

  • We understand how kids can sideline our training regimen.
  • We understand how all our parts have shifted and changed since having our children.
  • We understand that some morning runs don’t happen, simply because wine needed to happen the night before.
  • And we most definitely understand how important it is to have something that’s yours. We’re all so busy taking care of our families, we know that, when we run, together or separately, it’s our time.  If we run alone, it’s our time to reflect, our time to dig deep, our time to sweat out our stress.  If we run together, it’s our time to connect, our time to dig deep, our time to sweat out our stress… our time to laugh.

I’m grateful every day that amazing, beautiful, strong moms like Laurie let me share their running journey with them and be a part of days like Saturday.

And a little PS for Laurie:  you may not love running now, but stick with it.  That just might change.



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