Menu Planning for Busy Moms

Menu planning for busy moms

For busy moms, so much of feeling good about how we care for our family is tied up in how we feed them.  Taking the time to devote to menu planning each week can be a make-or-break activity, and the great news is, it can really be pretty simple once you develop a system you love and that works for you!

Years ago, literally pre-internet, I did this on a 3×5 card, with the recipes all on 3×5 cards, and each week I would have a neat little stack with my recipes for the week.  I’d work off of them to make my grocery list, and over time, they all became water- and food-stained, as good recipes do.

Now, I do everything virtually.  I still love my traditional hardback recipe books, but while I enjoy earmarking pages, I rarely cook from them.  Occasionally I’ll find a recipe in a book that isn’t online, but for the most part, any recipe you can come up with?  You can find it somewhere online… or a close approximation of that recipe.

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I now spend about twenty minutes on the weekend, looking ahead at next week’s menu and putting my grocery list together.  Those twenty minutes can literally save you time, money, and stress, and help you feel better about how you feed your family.  Instead of hitting the drive through on the way home from practice or a game, you can know what’s for dinner- whether it’s already made, or it’s a thirty-minute meal you know you can whip up quickly!

Some things are easier learned by watching, and I believe that when it comes to using Evernote to plan your menus, that is certainly the case.  For that reason, I’ve created a video, below.  I have also created a PDF so that you can download the instructions and have them at your fingertips, especially as you’re getting the hang of it!

As I said, though:  make this work for you! My goal here is to simply share with you one system, but of course you have to find the one that works best for you and your family!  Take from this format what works for you, leave what doesn’t, and don’t be afraid to change your system as time goes on and you discover what helps you feel most successful.

Check out the video here, and be sure to click to get your PDF download so you can have the process right at your fingertips!

And don’t forget:  I want to hear about your favorite recipes for the super crazy-busy nights!




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