We all want to be the mom who is fit and healthy, feels confident and strong, and models being active for her kids.  With Mom's Running Club, you'll have the support to enjoy that feeling!  

Hey, I'm Cori (I'm the one towards the middle with the visor and her arm around her daughter) and I'm so excited to share Mom's Running Club with you!  I've loved running since I was young, and have loved watching my own kids develop their own love for running, each in their own way, and at their own level, from super competitive to leisurely and relaxed.  

What I've learned:  running is for anyone, at any age, and is a wonderful way to be fit, build confidence, and even a way to spend quality time together!  I want that for you, too:  I want you to move your way, at whatever pace and intensity is right for you, and to inspire your kids to be healthy, happy, and active!

What You Get:

Access to the twelve-week course that includes the following topics:

Getting started

Choosing your race and training program

Gear and safety

Cross training



Family fitness

And more!

Coaching support to find the best running program for you.  If there isn't already a training program in your course archives, I'll create one just for you!

Support to set appropriate goals that will help you find your inner badass!

Membership in our private Facebook group, where you can ask questions anytime, support others and be supported, share your wins, and just simply share your  journey towards being the runner mom you want to be!

Access to Cori for questions, anytime!

Wherever available, live, in-person local runs to keep you motivated and connected.

Regular additional weekly training topics, including topics like:

Finding time for your workouts

Parenting and marriage

Praying with and for your children

Hormone balance for better health

Staying fit and on your training program when the weather doesn't cooperate

Nutrition:  for your best health, for your family, for your training

How to be a role model for your kids, how to get them moving too

An accountability buddy, including training on how to hold one another accountable and stay connected, positive, and supportive

Mom's Running Club exclusive gear!

What makes Mom's Running Club Special:  

  • Support on Your Schedule

    Since it’s mostly virtual (you decide if you want to make it live, in your hometown, with a buddy or other moms), you participate on your schedule.  You do your workouts on your own time, but you have support, 24-7!

  • Address Every Area of Your Health and Happiness

    While we use running as our main vehicle for becoming fit, we talk about and try to improve in every area of our wellness!  From relationships, to stress management, to sleep, to healthy family dinners, to attaining and maintaining a healthy, strong weight, it’s all fair game!

  • It's About Your Goals!

    Wherever you’re starting, that’s perfect!  You don’t have to be a marathoner to join.  You don’t even have to be a runner…yet!  All you have to be?  Motivated.  We’ll meet you where you’re at and help you choose your best goals!

What moms are saying about Mom's Running Club:

  • “Thank you all for your support and holding me accountable. This group was definitely the kick in the pants I needed to commit to a lifestyle change.”

  • “I learned it’s possible to carve out time in a crazy schedule to do something that makes me feel good about myself.”

  • “I have loved meeting new friends and making connections with awesome women. Also, I feel better about my body and more importantly, my body feels better! The endorphins from running make life better for yourself and those around you!”

The legal stuff.  Essentially, it goes like this.  You are responsible for communicating with your physician and being sure you are capable of undertaking a running (or walking) fitness program, including any runs or walks you may complete, as well as any cross training workouts you choose to undertake.  To the extent permissible by law, Cori Johnson, MS, NCC, and Mom's Running Club, LLC, assume no liability for any damage or loss incurred directly or indirectly by any of the workouts, advice, nutrition, or any other content