Healthy Mom, Happy Holidays December Challenge

Let’s keep it real. With the holidays upon us, your nutrition and fitness are already starting to slip, right?

Join the club!  It is a tough time of the year!

But this year, we are going to fight the tide!  Instead of being the “average American” who gains ten pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, we are going to do the smallest, simplest things that will help us not gain those ten pounds, and maybe even feel better than we did before Thanksgiving.

Super.  Simple.

Join us for this four-week challenge starting December 4th!

Super.  Simple.

No equipment. No pills.  No expense.

Don’t be the average mom this year!  Don’t run yourself into the ground, neglecting your health and fitness, and feeling run down, cranky, and not even really getting to enjoy this wonderful, magical time of the year.

Four weeks of super simple challenges.  With tons of support from moms just like you.

Check out the video below and if you’re IN, click here for the details!


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