“Good Enough is Good Enough”

A Busy Mom Mindset Shift

“Good enough is good enough.”  Say it out loud, Mama.  Today let’s have a little chat about making room for self-love when “life takes over.”

Some days you just can’t get your head above water.  It happens to the best of us.  This week, for example, I had a day that I thought was going to be a super productive day.  I had my plan: my items for my home, my items for work.  Color coded.  A plan for what was happening, when.  I had a plumber scheduled to arrive at 8:00, he’d told me the job was about an hour and a half, and then I was set to hit the road to knock out a few errands, spend some time on business and household items, and would be at my daughter’s school by 2:30, ready to run a practice 5K for her for her chapter of Girls on the Run.

Did you catch that part about the plumber?  You know where this is going, right?

So, that little job ended up being four hours.  And while I attempted to get little jobs done around him, I still lost a lot of my day.

My partner Cathy traveled last week with her family to attend her grandfather’s funeral.  We all know how that goes.  Treasured memories are made, priceless family time that you’re so very grateful to have had…. and then back to reality.

This week we have had a lot of our communication be about how challenged we have felt to be in control of our own schedule and our own to-do list.

What did we do?  We coached ourselves the same way we’d coach you.  And so our mantra this week was:  “Good enough is good enough.”

What does that mean, exactly?

So, first, let’s establish one thing:  we aren’t about complacency.  We always advocate and believe in and support doing your absolute best with what you’ve got.  That is how you live out your awesome!

So what do we mean when we suggest that, every so often, you shift your mindset and embrace the notion that “Good enough is good enough”?  There are basically three steps here.


Recognize the situation for what it is:  you’ve got more on your plate than you can get done.  And while you are strong, capable, organized, and empowered, you are also mortal.  You must sleep, you have to stop at some point.  It’s not going to all get done.


So, if it’s not all going to get done, then it’s time to take a step back and assess the bigger picture.  Grab your calendar or even just a big old post-it note.  Write down what you’d hoped to accomplish.  Now it’s time to make the tough calls.

  • What must get done?  Put those items at the top of your list.
  • What would you like to get done if time allows?  Put those at the bottom of the list. Better yet, put those on a separate post-it note, and consider them the “best case scenario.”
  • What are you going to reschedule?  In order to walk away from this step feeling more in control, take the time to actually get those items down, at some point in the future.  Simply knowing that you can’t do it today, right now, but you know it will get done, will likely go a long way towards really letting step one, acceptance, truly take place.


Now you’ve got your plan!  It may not be the original plan, but you’ve accepted that it’s not all going to get done.  You’ve thoroughly evaluated what you must get done, what you’d love to get done, and you know where all that other less-urgent stuff will get done.  Now go to work!  Tell yourself that Good Enough is Good Enough, and mean it!  You are doing the best you can!  You’re not blowing everything off.  You’re not trying to be superwoman and get it all done without sleep and throwing self-care to the wind.  You are good enough.

The goal here is, as always, is to remember that you are a rock star and you can do anything you set your mind to… within reason.  (insert wink emoji here 😉  As always, my wish for you is that you’ll talk to yourself like you’d talk to your child or your best friend.  If life takes over, instead of either beating yourself up, or trying to run yourself into the ground, how about next time tell yourself “Good enough is good enough.”  And then go do what you can.

Can you remember the last time life took over and you simply couldn’t get it all done?  How did you handle it?  With the mantra “Good enough is good enough,” would you handle it differently?  Send us a message or comment below!






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