Instant, healthy, legal stress relief for busy moms.

I just started this book.  It’s a little woo-woo, I admit, but sometimes you just need to be a little woo-woo to break through the stuff that’s holding you back.  So, I’m on day two of a 40-day study in miracles.  In just day two, I have already had a huge breakthrough.  I’ve discovered what appears to potentially be a key to instant, healthy, legal stress relief for us busy moms (or anyone, for that matter).

Today the message and mantra is “I choose love instead of this.”

I wanted to share this because it’s a game changer, for confidence, for moving through negativity and anxiety, for productivity….

I had to share this today because…this is powerful stuff.  I simply didn’t want to keep it to myself.  In fact, it seems selfish to keep it to myself.

The book that I am studying is called May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein.  If you are one who is prone to anxiety, self-doubt, or even just simply feel stuck, I would like to recommend it.

For me, the main reason I chose to engage in this 40-day study is that I am tired of always thinking small.  I adore my life- my family, the work that I do, all of it- but I will admit that I haven’t always believed that I could make big, exciting things happen.  Being the best mom and wife I can be is a huge enough undertaking.  Who was I to think I might be able to share my voice, my message, with the world?

But as I’ve sat with this idea all day, I’ve realized… it fits everywhere.

I’m going to share a few examples of how this “I choose love instead of this” has served me today.  Maybe it’ll fit into your life and the places where you feel challenged- and maybe my sharing will help you come up with even more ideas and ways it can serve you.  I hope that, if that’s the case, you’ll comment and share those, so we can all grow from it!

So, here goes:

  • I feel stressed.  Not sure how I’ll get it all done today.  “I choose love instead of this.”
  • I’m mad at myself for digging into the M&M stash. “I choose love instead of this.”
  • I feel petty and resentful towards someone I claim to love (or me).  “I choose love instead of this.”
  • I feel ugh in my own skin (you know ugh, right??). “I choose love instead of this.”

And on and on it goes.  It’s so simple but man, what a huge shift if you choose to take it!

In what areas of your life can you choose love instead?