“Good Enough is Good Enough”

A Busy Mom Mindset Shift

“Good enough is good enough.”  Say it out loud, Mama.  Today let’s have a little chat about making room for self-love when “life takes over.” Some days you just can’t get your head above water.  It happens to the best of us.  This week, for example, I had a day that I thought was going…

Teaching Our Kids to Love Health and Fitness (and Live Out Their Awesome)

from Cori

teach your kids to love health and fitness

As we continue our fall series, let’s turn our attention to our kids.  We all want to see our kids grow to love and make their health and fitness a priority, but it’s more than that. The thing is, we all want to be great role models and see our kids maximize their potential, find joy…

Forgive yourself: A key mindset shift

by Cathy

As we’ve been developing our idea of what mindset actually is (and how you can set yours in the right direction), I’ve been thinking about a key component that I want to share with you: forgive yourself. If you have decided to make healthy changes in your life (think more exercise, better nutrition, more rest),…

Mindset Shifts to Live Out Your Awesome

from Cori

mindset shifts to achieve your goals

As we continue on with our Live Out Your Awesome series, our goal is to help you truly embrace how simple, easy, quick mindset shifts will empower you to not only achieve your goals, but also feel like you can give more to those you love. Did you catch that?  When you live out your awesome, you can…

Commit to Live Out Your Awesome

from Cori

Commit to live out your awesome

Even though the official start of fall isn’t for a few more days, most of us think of fall as fully in play once we pass Labor Day.  And we think that fall is the perfect time to live out your awesome! Now that pretty much all of us have our kids back in school,…

A Fitness Mindset Challenge

"Sure, sounds fun!"

Fitness Mindset Mantra

So, indulge me for a moment while I tell a short story.  Yeah, the main character may be me (so boring) but I think that there’s a lesson here you might find helpful (and maybe even fun). The first two things I want to say are: I have been a runner since middle school, but…