Mindset 101

How the habits of your mind can help you achieve your goals

Healthy Mindset

As we enter into the second half of January, many of us are beginning to see how our New Year’s Resolutions may be slipping away. It happens!  As I talked about in my last post, sometimes we aim too high with our goals, and sometimes life just takes over. And so it becomes a great time…

Coming Back After Injury

Lessons from a not-your-average nine-mile run

coming back after injury

Coming back after injury isn’t easy.  In fact, it’s usually filled with challenges, stress, and occasionally (at least in my case) a few tears. However, today was a special run for me in a journey that has lasted five months (so far, and it’s far from over).  I wanted to share a couple observations, in…

Three Common Rookie Fitness Mistakes

And easy ways to avoid them

common rookie fitness mistakes

When we’re talking about rookie fitness mistakes, I just want to say this right out of the gate:  if you’ve committed these mistakes, you are in good company!  We want to get moving, we want to get results, and these are only good things!  So, as with everything Mom’s Running Club:  no judgment.  If you…

New Year… Not a New You?

New year, better you

I confess.  I’ve bought into it in the past.  You’ll see it, I’m sure.  Whether you’re on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or watching one of your favorite shows early in the new year and a commercial pops up. You’re going to see it:  New Year, New You! And I want to say this right now:  don’t…