Three Common Rookie Fitness Mistakes

And easy ways to avoid them

common rookie fitness mistakes

When we’re talking about rookie fitness mistakes, I just want to say this right out of the gate:  if you’ve committed these mistakes, you are in good company!  We want to get moving, we want to get results, and these are only good things!  So, as with everything Mom’s Running Club:  no judgment.  If you…

A post inspired by my grandfather

By Cathy

Today I lost my last grandfather. He was 99, 2 months short of 100. As I write this post, I am packing to go to his funeral. My grandfather came from Sicily when he was 2 years old, on a boat called the Madonna. He landed at Ellis Island where he was processed with his…

Profiles in awesome Michelle Martinez: Smart, Articulate, Driven, Centered, and REAL

Interview by Cathy

Welcome to the first blog in our “Profiles in Awesome” series. When Cori came up with the idea to interview moms who were living out their awesome, I immediately thought of my friend Dr. Michelle M. Martinez. Michelle and I have been friends since graduate school, and I have always seen her as articulate, driven,…