New Year… Not a New You?

New year, better you

I confess.  I’ve bought into it in the past.  You’ll see it, I’m sure.  Whether you’re on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or watching one of your favorite shows early in the new year and a commercial pops up. You’re going to see it:  New Year, New You! And I want to say this right now:  don’t…

Go from Surviving to Thriving this Winter Break

Make room for your health and wellness, and family time, too!

Thrive this winter break

Do you remember how magical the countdown to winter break was when you were a child?  Especially when you were older, and you had to get through final exams, knowing that, once you put in all the hard work, it was game on!  Two or more weeks of sleeping in, movies, playing in the snow,…

Teaching Our Kids to Love Health and Fitness (and Live Out Their Awesome)

from Cori

teach your kids to love health and fitness

As we continue our fall series, let’s turn our attention to our kids.  We all want to see our kids grow to love and make their health and fitness a priority, but it’s more than that. The thing is, we all want to be great role models and see our kids maximize their potential, find joy…

Five Steps to Find Time for Fitness

by Cathy

We are all so busy—work, family, household responsibilities. Don’t even get me started on dishes and laundry!! The back-to-school time of year can exacerbate all of it. It seems impossible to find time for fitness, yet you can’t do the things you want to do in your life if you don’t care for yourself and…

A Fitness Mindset Challenge

"Sure, sounds fun!"

Fitness Mindset Mantra

So, indulge me for a moment while I tell a short story.  Yeah, the main character may be me (so boring) but I think that there’s a lesson here you might find helpful (and maybe even fun). The first two things I want to say are: I have been a runner since middle school, but…

At home fitness programs

Here you can find all of the amazing at home fitness programs from Beachbody that I personally use, love, and recommend. If you’re at all confused about which to choose, please don’t hesitate to email me, I’d be happy to point you in the right direction! we will find the program that you will love…