Beginning Running Gear Guide, Winter Edition

winter running gear guide

It can be hard enough to get going on a running program, let alone when the thermometer is reading single digits!  The weather isn’t stopping our Mom’s Running Club, though, so a lot of moms are asking about gear.  How can you get started as a runner in January?  With the right gear guide (and tons of emotional support from a bunch of awesome moms, of course), it’s not only possible, it can actually be fun!

If you don’t have access to a treadmill, or simply want to be outdoors, this gear guide will give you everything you need to know about how to get started running outside, in winter.

I’ve shared my favorite specific brands, but take the time to shop and find what you love.  From shoes to jackets to even socks, it can be personal.  There are live links in the PDF, so you can click right on through to Amazon and grab yours (or find your favorite based on Amazon’s “people who shopped for this item also shopped for…” feature, just look below each item!).

In a nutshell, you’re gonna want (don’t forget to click through for the downloadable PDF with my favorites!)

  1. Good shoes
  2. Good socks (yes, they do matter… I tried for years to just wear whatever I found in my drawer and learned a few lessons)
  3. Tights
  4. A warm first layer
  5. A great jacket
  6. Gloves
  7. Headband or beanie
  8. And some optional gear, click through to discover which you’ll want!

A couple shopping tips, so you get your best gear at the best price:

  1. If you are a beginner runner, take the time to get fitted for your running shoes.  Hopefully you have a wonderful local running store.  Call around, and see if you can find one that allows you to run in your shoes and return them if they don’t work for you.  (Oh and “don’t work” means give you blisters or hurt your feet, not “don’t make me run really fast without having to work hard at all” ;).  Once you find your soulmate pair, then down the road you can purchase them on Amazon for better prices.
  2. Amazon best-prices tip, if you’re not a seasoned Amazon shopper: if you don’t love the price, put it in your cart anyway, and then just keep an eye on it.  The Oiselle jacket I share was $99 when I created the PDF, but I grabbed mine for only $28!
  3. Amazon has tons of free shipping and free returns on apparel, from gloves to tights to shirts, so you can try on and return and try on and return until you get it right, often with no more inconvenience to you than using up some printer ink on a new label and walking to your mailbox!

Grab your Winter Gear Guide with Links:


Everything is in the PDF, you can grab it by clicking through the graphic above, and I also want to hear from you… what is your favorite piece of winter running gear?  Do you choose different shoes or wear Yaktrax?  Or what are your remaining burning questions?  Comment below, share, or email me, I love, love, love to hear from you!


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