Live out your awesome!  

Mom’s Running Club is a place where moms of all levels and abilities come to feel healthy and strong through running and connecting with other moms.

It is a safe, judgment-free zone.  Wherever you are starting, it’s perfect.  All that is expected of you:  commit to being your best version of yourself.

Your goal:  run your first (or best) 5K.  Or run again for the first time in a long time.  Or run your first (or best) half marathon.

Your mission:  commit to making you a priority, because when you do, you’ll be better at everything else that matters to you.

It’s Your Time…

…to run your first 5K.

….to run your best 5K.

….to move yourself from the back burner.

….to feel better about your nutrition, and how you feed your family.

….to allow yourself to be supported by moms who are as caring and compassionate as you are, and to support other moms in the same way.

….to achieve goals you maybe haven’t yet allowed yourself to dream about.

…to make new friends.

…to feel healthy and strong.

…to live out your awesome!

About Cori

Johnson Photos - B&W Edits-93I’m a licensed mental health counselor and school counselor, with a passion for everything that involves healthy self-esteem, especially as healthy self-esteem comes from being active, eating well, getting plenty of rest, and tons and tons of snuggles.  I’m a little bit addicted to seeing moms light up when they have that magical, wonderful, empowering moment when they realize they are stronger than they ever imagined!

Oh, and when I’m not working with (or running with) awesome moms, I’m mom-ming my own crew of two boys and a daughter.  I also love to read, practice yoga, and especially watch my kids do the things that they love (soccer, running, art, and music), and hang out with my animal-and-golf-loving veterinarian husband.  We have three rescue dogs so our house is never fur-free, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.